ALMERIA SHOOT FOR TV Drama “Der General” Ufa Fiction

Santa Monica has been busy since March scouting and prepping for the Project Der General .In February we were approached again by our friends from UFA Fiction to research and scout the possibilities of shooting locations in Spain to double for Tel Aviv and Buenos Aires in the 1950`s.


They were in pre-production for a film to be made about the finding and later kidnapping of the Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann.
Location requirements were quite specific and had to be period correct. We also needed some areas similar to the center of Jerusalem. Shooting was to take place in May.


Scouting commenced in early March, our primary choice for these locations were the provinces of Granada and Almeria. By the middle of the month our scout had sourced a good selection of locations and a tech` recce was scheduled for the end of the month.

After locking off a few of the more challenging locations, the shooting dates were set for the third week of May and the major work of sourcing period vehicles, permitting old city streets, beaches, farms, roads and much more commenced.


Shooting took place ´towards the end of May over three very intense days with three or four locations each day, no small feat for a seventy plus crew!

However the whole three days went very smoothly and congratulations are due to the entire crew and production for their hard work and professionalism.


More news and pictures soon!