BMW R nine T September 2013

Wednesday April 9, 2014

August was very busy with several scouting jobs in succession, one of the real “boys” shoots  took place then…

Good Guys Entertainment called us for locations for a secret motorcycle road-shoot and photo-shoot.

Director Uta Bodenstein and DOP Maximilian Cress needed a “Dawn ´til Dusk” type workshop/garage, abandoned airstrip for drag racing,  desert type endless roads, winding country roads and more.

Locations were sourced in the Guadix region Granada (where the rally crews used to practice for Dakar) and in Almeria province at the Tabernas desert, and in the Mojacar area.

Secrecy was paramount and rumour had it that several of the world´s leading BMW customizers were also travelling down for the shoot with their own bikes.

Sure enough when the minibus rolled up to the hotel out stepped the BMW design team for the secret bike, and then Fred Jourdan of Blitz Motorcycles, David Borras from El Solitario, and Peter Dannenberg of Urban Motor, last but not least Roland Sands of RSD arrived on a later flight.

Then commenced four days and nights of shooting, driving, and more shooting , with an occasional hour or two for sleeping. The secret bikes turned out to be the new BMW R Nine T about to be launched in the Autumn.

Shots from the helicopter, Scorpio Arm rig, car to bike, dawn shots, dusk shots, helium filled balloon lights, road-blocking, paparazzi dodging and more all took place and after the dust settled and the biker crew went home, we still had a full days shooting on the Guadix circuit with a secret car.

Eventually the camera went back in its box, the crew and gear were wrapped a local restaurant (situated in a cave) was warned of the approach of many thirsty and hungry people and the end-of-shoot commenced.

The result  “SOULFUEL”can be watched on this link.