Lingerie shoot for Beijing client “La Clover” with top model Bianca Balti.

The Costa del Sol was chosen by Chinese lingerie designers La Clover for an intense two day shoot with Italian beauty Bianca Balti. Santa Monica Productions had been recommended highly and we came up with two really special locations the client liked. Early October in Europe can be rather tricky for light.


Our chosen locations were the tiny cove used for the Andalucia tourism advertising and the interior of the mansion in the wonderful Botanical Gardens of Malaga.

Our clients flew in two days before from China, photographer Jean Paul Pietrus from the US and crew from all over Europe. A quick reccie the day before to check out the light situation and we were ready to shoot.

Day 1 started early, crew and artist on the beach location at 0730, into make-up and shooting by 0800. Wrapped by sunset and crew back at hotel in time for dinner.


Day 2, travelled up to Malaga, and were setting up on location by 0900


We were lucky to have shot the exteriors the first day, fortunately the rain on day 2 didn’t affect us as it was all interiors.

Wrapped at 1700 hrs, had dinner with crew and client then went home and prepared for the new job in the morning!