On the Atlantic coast of Cadiz……….

Friday March 28, 2014

In July we were contacted by a producer from the German film company UFA Fiction.

They were interested in shooting a TV film on the Atlantic coast of Cadiz, Tarifa and also the Seville region at the end of September.

The script was still in process but the story involved horse-riding, the equine society and stud farms etc.

An initial recce was commissioned for ten days, after which they would decide where to base the unit in order to minimize travel times and get maximum production value.


Eventually due to various reasons the shoot dates were put back and when the script was finished and all was in order it was mid September.


We were asked about the reliability of weather on the West coast at that time and did not recommend shooting there as we had a great deal of exterior shooting to do.


After some consideration the warm desert region of Almeria with its temperate all year climate and low rainfall was chosen.


Scouting commenced again and after the initial scouting took place, pre-production began at the end of September.


Shooting began around the third week of October and ran thru with only one cloudy day until the second week of November.


We had shot a 26 day film in only 19 days!


It was time to say goodbye to the great crew from Berlin, we had made some really good friends and as the last truck departed, we loaded the production van and set off for Home!


See you soon guys.