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Mini Paceman Photo-Shoot.

Friday August 17, 2012

Its August, its  scorching –hot and we have just completed a  2 province photo-shoot for the new Mini Paceman.  Automotive photographer Fabian Kirchbauer contacted us with a brief which required some special locations for a car which is yet to be presented to the public, so security on set was of the utmost importance. Finding …

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    After a hectic Autumn/Winter season and a very short Christmas break, productions commenced at once.  • January 2012.    The new year kicked in with an intense 8 day photo-shoot in and around Malaga city and province for menswear with Danish client Jack Jones.      At the same time a second crew …

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Thursday May 10, 2012

We have had a busy Autumn season here at Santa Monica Productions, with shoots for a variety of clients and products, September saw us involved in a long and complex location scouting for KSB Pumpen from Germany. They required a selection of landscapes shot from a higher point with specific features in the foreground in …

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Tuesday September 20, 2011

SHOOTING THE MERCEDES SLS AMG . Automotive photographer Igor Panitz (one of our oldest clients) contacted us to scout a remote location for a secret car project. The set would need to be built-up somewhere where we could ensure that no candid shots of the car could be taken either on a telephoto lens or …

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Migros BBQ Shoot March 2011.Cadiz

Thursday September 8, 2011

One of our regular  clients came to us back in early March with a layout for an outdoor shoot. The scene was of a group of people enjoying a barbeque and drinks in an idyllic garden, as the product is sold generally in Switzerland we needed generic trees, lawn, shrubs etc. No palm trees or …

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Vila Bestseller Fashion Shoot. Cabo de Gata. Almeria. While we were finishing the Kia project, our friends from Denmark came back to us with another job for the Summer line for Vila. They  required a slightly desert-like feeling , wide open space, distressed walls and ruined buildings…… “Dust , Wind & Snakes” The Natural Park …

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Kia Shoot Alicante April 2011.

Thursday August 18, 2011

Kia Photo Shoot Alicante April. At the beginning of April we received a call from the studio manager of  the well known automotive photographer Igor Panitz. Sta Monica  had recently successfully shot the top secret Mercedes SLS AMG with him and his crew on a hidden location in the badlands behind Granada. It had been a …

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Early this year Santa Monica Productions was contacted by a client requiring highly sophisticated and wealthy looking locations for a stills and digital  film shoot to promote a new top of the range luxury sports car. The vehicle was top  secret so the location scouting would be difficult as although we needed up-market backgrounds and …

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Vila Bestseller Fashion Shoot March 2011

Wednesday August 17, 2011

March -Fashion shoot for Danish client Vila Bestseller. In the second week of March,  we shot with fashion photographer Henrik Adamsen for two days in a fantastic new modern Mexican-style house in Cadiz.   The brightly coloured walls, cubist lines and shadows were the perfect backdrop for their new Summer line. (see pictures). This location …

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Around the tenth of January we were contacted by one of our regular  clients with a story-board  for Finland. The location required was a small wooden shelter typical of Lapland  by the side of a hiking track in a Nordic-looking  forest. After several days of scouting we opted for the Juanar Refugio and Natural park …

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