Porsche Macan S, Almeria Production Company Evo7 Munich September 2015

A warm Autumn brought us a 5 day project for a secret car from Porsche through our client Evo 7 with whom we had shot last year, this meant that security from the client would be very strict and we would need to take all precautions to avoid the car being seen. Extra road blockers and security was brought in to ensure this.


The Plan was to shoot in Almeria for 3 days, 1 on a secret platform for beauty and then 2 on a quiet but spectacular section of mountain road with the Mini Russian Arm and our local Octocopter.

The car transport arrived early so we were able to check access to both locations in advance for ground clearance and access, there had been heavy rains in the mountains two weeks before and some of the access tracks had suffered storm damage.

Travel time for the transporter had to be calculated very carefully to avoid losing shooting time in an already intense schedule.

We tech-reccied and the following day shooting commenced, using the mini-russian arm and drone allow us a freedom of movement on a narrow road that would not have been possible with the Russian arm andboth we and the clients were very happy with the rushes.