Monday October 6, 2014

After a scorching Summer full of Projects the temperatures dropped slightly, just in time for a request from Winkreative London.

Their client The Mini International , the magazine for the legendary car marque Mini, manufactured by BMW.


The magazine is produced in eight languages, twice a year for Mini customers all over the world.

Photo-shooting and “making-of” were to be shot in the scenic Andalucian city of Seville, locations were to be “alternative” and very specific to the story. We needed avante-gard bars, restaurants, classical interiors, shops, and of course streets. The story is about a day in the life of a personality who would be driving around Seville in the new Mini Navigator visiting friends, shopping, dropping off supplies to clients and collecting goods from retailers.


Permits had to be in place almost immediately as the shoot was scheduled for the end of the month and we were already at day 12! The shooting required traffic cuts, clearing of vehicles parked in the street, locking off public walkways and the collaboration from many private businesses.
Seville has a very efficient film office and with their assistance and our local knowledge we were able to lock off most of our locations immediately after the scouting finished.


Locations amongst others included the driveway, entrance and restaurant of the world famous Alfonso 13th Hotel, the Metropol Parasol designed by Jurgen Mayer, the Triana Bridge, the Delimbo Art Gallery and the Paseo Cristobal Colon next to the river.
The 30th of September soon arrived and our main crew travelled up to by road with the production equipment and minibuses, the hero car was collected on schedule and the car valeting crew began prepping it for shooting. A quick meeting with our local permit team and location manager and a fly-past of the locations to double-check all was in order.

On the 1st Oct- the following day the client and crew would be flying in for the prep, tech-recce, and final fitting for the cast.
We shot the 2nd, 3rd and ,4th from dawn ´til dusk in order to cover all the locations, our photographer Jan Friese worked very quickly and so we managed to get all the shots without incident or delay.


The shoot was wrapped at six o clock sharp as the light was going down, gear was packed, Mini returned to the transporter and dinner booked for the crew in a trendy new restaurant in the city center, the following day our happy clients and crew returned home…..

Chalk another successful shoot up on the job-board!