Shooting the new Aston Martin DB 11. Jan 2016 Almeria

With Christmas break over, it was early January and the Santa Monica crew  were sat in the office trying to guess what was to be our first confirmed  job of 2016.

The phone rings and suddenly we have a rush job for a new secret car……non-other than Aston Martins latest super-car the DB 11.


A twin turbo 5 ltr V12 churns out over 600 hp and zero to 60mph in under 4 seconds to reach speeds of over 200mph this is a car that inspires respect!

The dates for shooting were set for the last week of the month so we had to move really fast to put in the permits in order to get them in time. The client was requesting breath-taking mountain roads with little or no traffic in order to shoot as much as possible in the two days of locations.

The third week of January soon rolled up, we loaded our production van and set-off for the pick-up. Travelling out of Malaga and through Granada we soon were approaching the first section of road and stopped to take in the steep climbing s bends and amazing rock formations. After a couple of hours and some reference shots-we drove off to the second days location. This is a very remote road that climbs to 1,800 meters through a series of rapidly ascending hairpin bends and has a 180 degree view across the desert landscape. Having seen the locations and declared all to be in order we set off again for our hotel in the city.


Day 1 and we are on location bright and early, the day breaks clear and sunny, we set up, prep the hero car and commence shooting from various positions and with a drone. A brief break for lunch and unit base move and we are back on the go. By the time the sun is dropping we are ready to pack-up with a very happy pair of photographers. Get back to the hotel, do some post, grab a bite to eat and headsdown


Day 2. Sees us back out at first light, a slow climbing drive up to the stretch of road we need and repeat process. Set up road blocks, check road section is clear, commence shooting etc etc.  And so on until we finished. Load up hero car and crew and off to the city. 2016`s first job in the bag!